How to cover up a murder? As a Bavarian undertaker, it’s easier than you think!

In Franconia (region of Bavaria), the undertakers Franz and Andreas run an aging funeral parlour. Franz is arrogant, money-hungry and lies eloquently his way through life. At first glance, he doesn’t fit into the quiet world of mourning. Andreas, plagued by self-doubt, has followed him every step of the way through his professional life for over 30 years.
Their colleague Schorsch seems to have made it. His large funeral home is successful and right on target. One evening, he tells Andreas and Franz about his plan to make a new beginning in the USA, because his wife wants to leave him. Franz does not hesitate for a second. He immediately wants to buy Schorsch’s funeral home, even though he is completely broke.

After a while, Andreas and Franz are overrun by Schorsch in their office: He wants his money. An argument ensues, during which Andreas, who slowly realizes that once again he doesn’t have the courage to take Franz to task, kills Schorsch with a coffin stick in the heat of the moment. Andreas afterwards struggles with his guilty – Franz remains ice-cold and thinks rationally. There’s no way he’s going to prison, so he comes up with an idea. Based on the legal situation in Bavaria, Franz makes a plan to let the murdered colleague disappear without a trace. The emotionally shattered Andreas follows him blindly.

A story about greed and self-deception. Inspired by a murder case from 2007, the film “Dead Certain” tells the story of an almost perfect murder case from Franconia.